Its no secret that here at Frank we believe mama mental health is our priority. To put it bluntly, boob or no boob, a blue mama has much more of an impact on a mini’s development than whether it feeds from a tit or a teat.

Today is Time to Talk Day by Time to Change, A growing social movement changing how people think and act about mental health.

“Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, worthless and ashamed. Time to Talk Day is a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives. Wherever you are – at home, at work or up the top of a mountain! – have your conversation about mental health today”.

We know that maternal mental health and infant feeding are as tightly entwined as a mamas finger and brand new minis unclenching grip! But slowly, it also is starting to be recogised by those that can make a bigger difference.

The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology published research in 2016 on maternal mental health. They wrote:

“Pressure to breastfeed was sometimes overwhelming and the judgement and stigma that came along with not breastfeeding their babies was hard to cope with. This was especially true for women who had planned to breastfeed but were unable to because something had gone wrong. Rather than receiving support, many felt that they were being blamed and it became hard to cope with this alongside their own feelings of failure”.

But what can we do about it as mama's supporting mamas?

Well we can start by talking about it. The #timetotalk campaign is highlighting that it doesn’t matter if you open up to a loved one, a friend, a college, a stranger - after all thats how friendships begin. By sharing our own personal stories on mental health we can beat the stigma.

So it is time to start sharing, a cup of tea, a tunnocks teacake and a chinwag on our own mental health.  We have shared with you are stories on feeding our minis and our mental health (links below), and we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to read other peoples stories on #timetotalk, then check out their stories page.

Mama Knows Best

Mama Knows Best