MilkMade: Behind the Seams

Two mamas being frank about feeding. Between us we have four minis and two mates. Breast or Bottle? Bothered?! Feeding with heart is the most important part.

At MilkMade you'll find our voice, our tit falls and our remedies fuelled mostly by Yorkshire tea and Tunnock's teacakes. For the challenges of feeding, we're your support bra beyond 'breast is best'. Lending an ear, a shoulder and hopefully offering some tips on tits or teats: Help...however you're going about growing your mini. 

We believe sharing is cathartic, and would love to hear your voice.

Laid Bare: Rosie

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I’m Rosie. I have two boys, several grey hairs (sob), and a half drunk tepid cup of tea always within arm’s reach.

Like many new mamas, I had some problems with feeding. I knew breastfeeding would be a challenge but I didn’t quite prepare myself for the shit storm that was heading my way. I had a lot of problems with my boobs. Getting milk into G was a real challenge but we also had the added issue of him keeping it down! Despite my best efforts G was soon on the bottle and it wasn’t long before he was on a special formula too. 

Our second mini came 18 months later, and the boobs were still grossly misbehaving. This time, armed with knowledge and experience, I triumphed in breastfeeding – but gaining the knowledge was harder than you might think. I found that my issues were not covered in a way that rang true to me. There seemed to be conflicting advice and dare I say it, general ignorance.

I’m no expert, but I had one for the bottle and one for the boob – my boys are both MilkMade.

Baring it All: Kate

Kate and Co.

Me – yikes?! Well I'm a talker so this shouldn't be too hard right? It's in my genes, just ask my Mama and Godmama, I was born and raised a talker. They're the two biggest talkers I know and they trained me well. I'd happily sit down and tell anyone my story, blow by blow, bore your socks off stuff; especially if I thought it would help. But putting it out there, telling 'everyone', that scares me witless (sh*tless). I think I'd rather just go through labour again. And talking and writing, not the same thing.......I'm not a writer, I mean I'm typing this on notepad! When Rosie approached me with the idea for MilkMade I was all for it, now I'm thinking we might end up looking like a right pair of tits.

So bear with me, while I bare it all; the good, the bad and the ugly in relation to my feeding journey so far. I imagine I'll learn more from this than I impart but here goes. My boobs failed to function fully but we persevered just enough to remain exclusively breastfeeding through the early months. I've always felt like this didn't help my cause when I went looking for support to continue breastfeeding. We hadn't 'failed' but we weren't 'thriving'? I felt like my body wouldn't grant me my choice to breastfeed. Asking for help isn't always easy, especially when you don't know who to ask. Worse still is when you do ask and you don't get the support you need. Feeding for me has always felt like a lonely sport, sitting on the sidelines of what I perceived to be two camps: breast and bottle. My two had both bottle and boob but both are MilkMade babes.